Free Troma Tuesdays at Santa Salsa Unleash “Monster in the Closet” Screening on December 11th at 8 PM!

If a child tells their parent there’s a monster in their closet, the parent should listen!    
When several people are found dead in their closets, a group of ordinary townsfolk band together to find out what’s causing these deaths, only to find the cause is much more horrifying and otherworldly than they can imagine!
Marking one of the final films of legendary actor John Carradine and the film debuts of the late Paul Walker (who went on to star in the “Fast and Furious” film series) and Stacy Ferguson (better known as Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame), this horror comedy will have viewers checking their closets before they go to bed every night!
Attendees should also stay after the movie for an awesome DJ Afterparty at 10 PM, hosted by Drew Redmond!
For the next two months we will be at Santa Salsa, where we’ll be unearthing some more classics that haven’t been screened in years! Every screening starts at exactly 8 PM! We will also follow each show with a free DJ Afterparty by some of the best local dance and punk DJs!
Santa Salsa
234 Starr Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11237