Forget “The Art of the Deal!” Here comes “THE ART OF TROMA!”

The Grove’s Barnes & Noble brings Lloyd Kaufman to LA for an exclusive book signing of Dynamite’s collectible “THE ART OF TROMA!” on Oct. 26 at 7 PM!


For years, people have been collecting posters, action figures and other various items of merchandise from Troma Entertainment. Thanks to a collaboration with Dynamite Entertainment, diehard fans and new fans can enjoy “THE ART OF TROMA,” a book that painstakingly documents original artworks made for Troma over the course of its 44 years of business! 


Interviews, set photos, rare posters and more are included in this “tromazing” book, and now dedicated and loyal fans can have it signed by Lloyd Kaufman, the man who started a worldwide revolution in independent filmmaking!  Those lucky and smart enough to obtain a copy of this collectible book will head to the Barnes and Noble in The Grove of Los Angeles at 7:00 PM on Friday, October 26th and redeem their chance to get an autograph and even a picture with the independent filmmaking legend himself!  LET’S APPRECIATE SOME ART!