A Tribute to the Glory of Troma On Exhibit: Dec. 1st – Dec. 31st

Hyaena Gallery Presents: A Tribute to the Glory of Troma On Exhibit: Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st, 2017 
Opening Reception: Sat. Dec. 9th 8pm-11pm
1928 W. Olive Ave. Burbank, CA 91506
The TROMATIC exhibit will feature original works from over a dozen artists, all of which are inspired by the 43 year history of filmmaking by Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Entertainment. Hyaena Gallery will be presenting the exhibit from Dec. 1st through Dec. 31st and will be holding the opening reception on Saturday, Dec. 9th from 8pm to 11pm,  it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.


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“Troma has always been an influencing factor on me and, in turn, upon Hyaena. As a teenager, those early films were essential viewing among my circle of friends. They were gross, gory, over the top, and just plain fun. They were so against the grain from what other mainstream studios were putting out. And Lloyd, himself, is such an encouraging presence for anyone who is creative. His books illustrated the DIY aesthetic that Hyaena was founded on, and his films show those principles in action. That’s what always struck me regarding Troma…the idea that you can make things happen on your own, dictate your own taste level, not have to ask anyone for permission, and ultimately create something memorable. So, we’re ending the year with an art exhibit that celebrates the glory of Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Films. They’re still going strong, and we wouldn’t be here without ’em.”


– Bill Shafer, owner of Hyaena Gallery


About Hyaena Gallery:
Hyaena Gallery is located in Burbank, California with a specialty in macabre, low-brow and outsider art.
Owner Bill Shafer began the gallery in 2005 and has since won accolades for Best Dark Arts Gallery (2011) and Best Spooky Emporium (2012) as well as received national attention for celebrity related shows such as tributes to Charlie Sheen (2011), Guillermo Del Toro (2013), Wes Craven (2014), John Carpenter (2014), Tobe Hooper (2015), and Stuart Gordon (2016). Hyaena Gallery is notable for its permanent exhibition of horror and dark artwork, and its true crime collection. Shafer curates to “highlight what I think is truly valuable, not just what is perceived as valuable because it is a current trend.”
Hyaena Gallery
1928 W. Olive Ave. Burbank, CA 91506