Happy Tromaween!

Halloween VR tricks and treats from Troma Entertainement!

Troma Entertainment, pioneering the exciting new world of VR cinema

Heart of Fartness: Troma’s First VR Experience Starring The Toxic Avenger is currently touring the festival circuit to critical acclaim, having played Sitges, Monsters of Film, and more!

“Heart of Fartness” starring The Toxic Avenger coming soon to a film festival near you!

To celebrate, Troma has released its second VR experience online for Halloween, “Sgt. Ka-Spooky-Man’s Cray-Cray VR Halloween Extravaganza”
Starring Doug Sakmann (the Sir Roger Moore of Kabukimen), Lloyd Kaufman, and Troma’s favorite doggo since Lucky in Doggie Tails, Little Bill! Watch now, if you dare!
loyd Kaufman has Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD test out Troma’s 2nd VR movie, “Sgt. Kabukiman’s Tranquil Buddhist Meditation”, but unfortunately the experience is not tranquil at all! Kabukiman enters a nightmare VR world where he loses his dog Little Bill and has to fight his way through demons, ghosts, zombies, and candy corn to find him!
As an extra added holiday bonus, here is Troma’s classic short movie starring Lloyd Kaufman, “A Halloween Carol”!