Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s exclusive premium World Premiere content streaming service, celebrates SLIMEY SEPTEMBER with the WORLD PREMIERES of the hilarious action/adventure Slimed and the haunting erotic thriller Industrial Animalsboth available now only on Watch.Troma.Com.
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Two new World Premieres have come to Troma Now this September with the hilarious action/adventure “Slimed” and the haunting erotic thriller “Industrial Animals.”

An ill-tempered park ranger and a peppy bible salesman hatch a harebrained scheme to save a nature preserve from government shutdown. Deep in the wilderness, they discover that the park has a much bigger problem: a mysterious and sinister toxic slime that is oozing its way towards destroying not just the woods but the entire free world.

Together they must come together to battle incomprehensible evil, uncover endless stupidity and avoid exploding children at all cost. Directed by Eric Manche and Jeff Nitzberg “Slimed” is “…totally bonkers in the most entertaining way!” – Mike Haberfelner,

Watch Slimed Here: Slimed
As HBO rolls out “The Deuce,” Troma is releasing a true portrayal of the horrors of prostitution!  “Industrial Animals” is a documentary style film exploring how far a prostitute will go for money on camera, as we follow a film director and producer as he lives out his repressed sexual fantasies in front of the lense.  Directed by Sam Mason Bell, Industrial Animals is “a tense thriller that will make your skin crawl!” – @DiceOnFilm
Watch Industrial Animals here: Industrial Animals
In addition to the Troma Now World Premieres classic Troma films such as, Pep Squad, Pigs, and Witchcraft 5 are streaming on Troma Now!
Also coming to Troma Now, Digital Prophet, Invisible Ghost, Bazaar Bizarre, Acting Out, Beg! The Hall Monitor, The Japanese Wife Next Door, Tromasterpiece Theater: The Battle Of Loves Return
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