Troma Entertainment Announces The 18th Annual All Free TromaDance Film Festival Short and Feature Film Selections


TromaDance Film Festival 

August 11th (6pm-10pm) & August 12th (12pm-10pm)

Troma Entertainment, the longest running truly independent film company, has announced the short and feature film selections for its 18th Annual All Free TromaDance Film Festival, which will be held at the world famous landmark, The Peoples Improv Theater, in New York, NY on August 11th-12th, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.
18th Annual TromaDance Film Festival Feature Film selections, 
Dreaming Purple Neon, Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth, Cut Shoot Kill, and Assholes
“Thank you to all the talented filmmakers who submitted their films to the 18th Annual TromaDance Film Festival! We are proud to announce the short and feature film selections that will be screened during the 2 day long festival! These films are of exemplary quality and showcase the true meaning of independent art. We look forward to screening these Tromazing films at The Peoples Improv Theater.” stated Lloyd Kaufman.
The 18th Annual TromaDance Film Festival will be hosted by Lloyd Kaufman and as always has no entry fee! The festival will feature several short and feature length films, special panels and discussions, comedy shows, and raffles in which festival attendees can win prizes such as a Lomography Camera, Sega Prize Packs, and more Tromarrific prizes!  The 18th Annual TromaDance Film Festival will be held at The Peoples Improv Theater, 123 E 24th St, New York, NY
18th Annual TromaDance Film Festival Schedule
Friday August 11th
6pm Short Films Block 1:
Attack of the Killer Chickens – Genoveva Rossi, USA 
Bierleichen Das Movie – Derek Ingber, USA 
El Colgado – Edgar Nito, Mexico 
La Dama de Rojo – Edgar Nito, Mexico 
iMedium – Alfonso Garcia Lopez, Spain 
Blue Moon – Martyn Pick, UK 
Smut Cave: Bushwick Dating – Nick Fiore, USA 
Reagitator: Revenge of the Parody Trailer – Dylan Greenberg, USA 
7pm Short Films Block 2:
A Short Film Named Desire – Alex Dermer, Australia 
Mrs. Claus – Bo! Campbell, USA
Speed Fucking – Francois Vieus, France 
Meat Lovers – Philip Zevenbergen, USA 
The Baby’s Crying – Bob Pipe, UK 
Luba Fupa and the Handjob Salesman – Adrian Esposito, USA 
Death Metal – Chris McInroy, Canada 
Slashening 2: The Final Beginning Preview – Brandon Bassham, USA
Crude – Drew Boulduc, USA 
8:15pm Feature Presentation:
Dreaming Purple Neon – Todd Sheets, USA
10:30pm After Party Comedy Show
Saturday August 12th
12pm Short Films Block 1:
Do No Harm – Roseanne Liang, New Zealand 
Requiem for a Puppet – Emanuele Bonomi, Italy 
An Incidental Nostalgic Journey – Christopher Bello, USA 
The Nautilus – Pierre Reuda, USA 
Schadenfreude – Leonardo Dias, Portugal 
Downunder – Fernando Gonzalez Gomez, Spain 
1pm Short Films Block 2:
Earworm – Tara Price, USA 
Jules D. – Norma Vila, Spain 
The Honeymoon – Ruth Pickett, UK 
Hero from Outer Space – Dean Packis, USA 
Live By Night – David Van de Weyer, Belgium
1:45pm Feature Presentation:
Hellitosis: The Legend of Stankmouth – Robert Mulligan, USA 
3:30pm TROMAnimation Block:
Fat Action Hero – Janne Widmark, Sweden 
Oozerton Animation Vol. 2 – Mike Evans, USA 
Immersion – Lalita Brunner, Switzerland 
Back Into the Dark – David Rosen and Bea Landers, USA 
Beti Bezperako Koplak – Adedo Kopla Taldea, Spain 
#pumporlando – TV WeWe, USA 
The Machine – Rene David Reyes Garcia, Mexico 
Slow Rings – Susan Sun, Hong Kong 
Hellscape – Pat Cain, USA 
Flies in May –  Caroline Jiang, Australia 
Other Fish – John Stifter, USA 
Barnyard Aces – Irving Sevilla and Manuel Baez, Mexico 
The Rocky Roads – Rob Kleinschmidt, USA 
Halloween X – John E. Goras, USA 
Sonic Boom! Courtesy of SEGA
5pm Panel
6:15pm Short Film Presentation:
Optimistic Yes – Jeff Piskin and Doug Sakmann, USA
  -Starring Angelo Moore of Fishbone, HR from Bad Brains
6:30pm Feature Presentation:
Cut Shoot Kill – Michael Walker, USA 
8:30pm Feature Presentation:
Assholes – Peter Vack, USA 
10:30pm After Party Comedy Show
More information regarding panel guests, Q&As, and comedy shows coming soon.