Lloyd Kaufman Turns Down Director of FBI Job Offer to be Special Guest at MCM London Comic Con

London Comic Con ExCel London, London, UK May 26th-May 28th

“Being Director of the FBI sounded great, 
but the job security seems flimsy nowadays.” – Lloyd Kaufman
“I am deeply honored to be a special guest at the brilliant MCM London Comic Con where I will join a panel to discuss Troma’s latest and greatest film, Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Vol.2 AND the magnificent 35mm film, Essex Spacebin, by David Hollinshead and Philip Thompson which is available to buy now on Amazon! I love the people of London and am happy to sign and take photos for FREE!”
Mr. Kaufman, Toxie and Tromettes will be at the Troma Booth during the convention where fans will be able to take pictures and receive signings for FREE! In addition to the panel and Troma Booth, Mr. Kaufman will also be in the gaming section of the convention, supporting the new video game he is in Victor Vran: Motorhead through the Ages.
8/10 Review in premier cult magazine, Starburst
Essex Spacebin available to buy now on Amazon Prime!
During the convention, the Troma Team will be running the Troma Booth, where  TROMERCH such as the Toxie Skinner T-Shirt, Toxie patches, the radical Troma Skatedeck, and Troma’s newest Blu-ray releases B.C. ButcherHonky Holocaust & Fear Town, USA/The Slashening will be TROMABUNDANT!