May Brings May-hem to Troma Now with World Premiere of Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem!

May brings May-hem to Troma Now with World Premiere of Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem
Plus Standards of Living (shot on an iPad!) and The Arc of Methul May 1st 2017
Troma Now, Troma Entertainment’s exclusive premium World Premiere content streaming service, celebrates May-hem with the World Premieres of Charlie Cadillac’s monstrous Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem, along with the Troma Now Premieres of Aaron Mento’s Standards of Living and Charles Davis’s The Arc of Methul on May 1, 2017, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger
Welcome to the end of times. Moonshine Meat Market Mayhem is streaming on 
After the Third World War the Earth was plunged into chaos. The last remnants of humanity were forced to survive by any means possible. The nuclear fallout that riddled the world destroyed the livestock and poisoned the water. Even the living are dying of radioactive cancer. But, even death is not the end! There is no afterlife when the dead begin to walk! 
The world belongs to these undead creatures called Cancer Dancers. The only saving grace left for man comes in the form of moonshine. Without it, you will thirst, for water you cannot drink. Welcome to the end of times. 
This is no laughing matter. Standards of Living is streaming on Troma Now!
Shot entirely on an iPad 2, Standards of Living tells the story of Peter, a struggling comedian who takes part in a teleportation experiment that ‘improves’ whatever cargo is being teleported…but the results are no laughing matter.
Written and directed by Aaron Mento and produced by Ocular Migraine Productions, Standards of Living stars Scott Yarborough (Peter Sayer), Bill Ferris (Mr. Randall) and Derek Houck (Stu) in a genre-bending adventure that leaves audiences wondering how much weirder and darker Peter’s journey could possibly get.
Standards of Living is Mento’s first feature-length film. Mento previously wrote and co-created “TV FACE,” the Internet’s first feature-length horror web series, which was nominated for a 2007 Webby Award. His feature-length screenplay “Survival High” was a Top 10 Finalist at the Cinequest Screenplay Competition in 2009. Mento established Ocular Migraine Productions in 2011.
The Arc of Methul  is streaming on Troma Now!
Also coming to Troma Now is Charles Davis’s The Arc of Methul.  The Arc of Methul distinguishes itself by being the only film on Troma Now that is a paranormal adventure story told through still image photography and audio.

Several other films will also be added to the streaming service, including Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 3: The Good, The Bad, The Subhumanoid, Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 3: The Good, The Bad, The Subhumanoid with Fan Commentary, Ninja Pussycat, Glass Jungle, Cause of Death, Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters 2, L.A. Crackdown, Sins of the Children, Street Beat, Time Wars, Witchcraft 3, and short films including Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD Cartoon Pilot, Undisciplined, 30 Minutes or Less and a Tromaville Café Short.

Troma Now subscribers are able to see these and many more films at
Up next from Troma is Lloyd Kaufman’s second installment of his two-part film event, Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Vol.2 and it’s coming to the Cannes Film Festival! 7 years in the making, Vol.2 is shaping up to be what Michael Herz has called “The best Troma Movie ever made!”
Arcades 3
77 Rue Félix Faure, 06400 Cannes, France
May 23 5:30p, May 24 8:30p, May 25 3:30p
World Premiere of Theatrical Trailer for,
Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 2
 Warning this trailer is NSFW