“Lloyd Kaufman’s Fucked Up Deep Cuts!”

Brutal and Arousing Movies from the Secret Stash of  Troma’s President! November on Troma Now!


Banana Motherfucker, directed by Pedro Florêncio and Fernando Alle will slaughter your senses with freaky phallic frenzy!! 


World Premiere of Fear of the Light Directed by  Jose Victor Fuentes


An eerie still to set the supernatural terrors that unfurl in Fear of the Light! World Premiere Title available only on watch.troma.com
World Premiere Movies, 10 Classic Titles and Featured Exclusive Content Only Available to Subscribers on Troma Now
“Lloyd Kaufman’s Fucked Up Deep Cuts!” is the theme of the month on Troma Now in  November with  extra special access to new World Premiere Movie,  Fear of  the Light,  plus  10 Troma  titles from deep within the vaults of  the  library! Bonus hot slices  of  subscriber-only, insider exclusive  short  content will also be featured! Troma Now presents World-Premiere Movies,  uncensored and commercial free  streaming plus first look  access  to exclusive  content for subscribers for only $4.99 a month, with the first  month   FREE!!!, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman,  prexy  of T roma  Entertainment and creator of  The Toxic Avenger.
You would be a turd to miss out on Crapter 3 of Tales from the Crapper: The Miniseries Available only to Subscribers on Troma Now!
This month’s World Premiere Movie,  Fear of the Light   is a spooky, bone- chilling, Spanish-speaking  ghost-story directed by Jose Peter Fuentes that takes  place in the Canary Islands. The ten other supernatural sinister feature-length  selections available in November on Troma Now include, Angel Negro, Symphony in Blood Red, Tsumugi (Pink Egia), Attack of the Tromaggot, Open 24/7, The Hanging Woman, Weekend, Loony in the Woods and Necronos.
Anyone who is a true fan of adventures in filmed entertainment will love, love, love Troma Now,” says Lloyd  Kaufman, “You won’t believe your senses and they won’t believe you!!”
Lloyd Kaufman’s behind the scenes video from “Festivalito De La Palma” in the Canary Islands! 
The trademark insider content uploaded this month to Troma Now includes a heady stash of short movie and special features including Banana Motherfucker, (from the director of soon to be released Troma Movie Mutant Blast)!!!!  On the lineup for ” Lloyd Kaufman’s Fucked Up Deep Cuts ” is also a cartoon from Ghost Tank, Sushi Surprise and  Killer Bra, Crapter 3 of the newly revamped  Tales from the Crapper and for fans and   stalkers of Uncle Lloydie, a special Behind the Scenes video from Lloyd Kaufman’s  on set  work at the 2016 Festivalito de la Palma in the Canary Islands.
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Banana Motherfucker is not to be missed on Troma Now in November!

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