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B.C Butcher Director Kansas Bowling Premieres New Music Video
Kansas Bowling is the hottest director-starlet to emerge from Los Angeles in 2016 pictured  here (left) with her sister model/actress/writer Parker Love Bowling (right)

Los Angeles prodigy Kansas Bowling, director of Troma’s B.C. Butcher, will premiere her latest directorial work on film, a music video for West Coast groove riff rock quartet the “Death Valley Girls” and their new release song Disco on Troma Movies YouTube.

Bowling,wrote B.C. Butcher at just fifteen years old, directed the film at seventeen and World Premiered the movie at legendary Egyptian Theatre in
Hollywood, California. B.C. Butcher has since gone on to be screened theatrically across the globe at festivals and theaters, and the movie is soon to be released on Blu-Ray by Troma Entertainment.

“Death Valley Girls” are a psychedelic rock quartet from Californa
Bowling, who shot B.C. Butcher entirely on 16 mm film. elected to continue to embrace the original movie making substrate withDisco and created the music video on 8mm film. Kansas filmedDisco at an art installation recreation of the 70’s glitter club, Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco and the video includes a cameo from Bingenheimer, who often spins the Death Valley Girls track on his late night radio show, Rodney on the Roq. The title track comes from freshly released LP called Glow in the Dark from the band.
 The artful and culty music video was premiered on July 29th at The 17th Annual TromaDance 2016, Troma Entertainment’s free to submit and free to attend film festival held annually in New York City. Bowling’s video will be streaming live tonight on Troma Movies YouTube. 
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