Troma Inspired Musical Hailed by Critics!!

Tony Award-Winning Team Joe DiPietro and Bon Jovi’s David Bryan’s

The Toxic Avenger-the Musical

 is Triumphant in  London Since Premiering at the Southwark Playhouse on April 22nd, 2016
“Talented Cast, an Exhiliarating Score and the Ability to Make you Laugh Until You Ache” –Theatre Weekly
UK Critics laude the Troma inspired musical as reviews pour in since the show premiered at the Southwark Playhouse on April 22nd, 2016!
The Toxic Avenger-the Musical! is sweeping the London theatre scene with high marks from the critics of esteemed British and international publications like The Telegraph, TimeOut London, What’s on Stage, West End Frame and The Stage, among many others, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.
Mark Anderson has been nominated for an “Offie Award” for his role as “New Jersey’s Only Superhero”, Toxie. 
Magnanimous reviews for the British premiere of Joe DiPietro and Bon Jovi’s David Bryan’s The Toxic Avenger- the Musical!, which made it’s London Premiere on April 22nd, 2016 at Southwark Playhouse in London, are pouring in! The performance, inspired by Troma Entertainment’s 1984 cult superhero movie, The Toxic Avenger, is a smash success in the UK, with a celebrated 5 Star honor from London’s The Telegraph, who describe the production as “slick and witty”. The Telegraph goes on,  “The cast are phenomenal singers, bringing scorching vocal range to Bryan’s earworm tunes, and squeezing every last drop of comedy out of their deliciously juvenile lyrics (‘When your head looks decayed, it’s hard to get laid’).”  Reactions from the press make it clear that the Tromatic essence of the musical is brilliantly conveyed, for example   Time Out London which gave the show 4 Stars,  called the The Toxic Avenger- the Musical! a  “deliciously lurid and joyously daft”, themes definitively associated with Troma Entertainment.

Troma’s original The Toxic Avenger, directed by Lloyd Kaufman, inspired three successful sequels and a cartoon series for children and adults. It is the movie that put Troma Entertainment on the map as a tremendously original and capable independent film company with an innovative craft for a genre-blending surrealistic aesthetic in indie movie-making. The resurrected interest in Troma, a 42 year-old production company, comes as well deserved recognition for Toxie’s creators, and confirms that Troma and Lloyd Kaufman’s dedication to social progress through new forms stands the test of time in fine art.  As an example, the recently developed The Toxic Avenger- the Musical! was noticed by What’s On Stage (4 Stars) as “the near perfect tongue-in-cheek fringe show, and it should be going the rounds for years.”
Mark Anderson (left) as Melvin, and Hanna Glover (right), (who was also nominated for an Offie for her role as Sarah,  Toxie’s  love interest and the heroine of the tale)
Theatre Weekly gave the show 5 stars and called it, “a show that’s got everything” with “a very talented cast, an exhilarating score and the ability to make you laugh ’till you ache”. A testament that proves the production stays true to the source movie,Theatre Weekly recognizes, “Who knew toxic waste could be this funny?!”.
“The Offies”, the Off West-End Theatre Awards, which  recognize and celebrate the excellence, innovation and ingenuity of independent theatres across London, have selected The Toxic Avenger- the Musical  for a number of nominations, including; Best Female Performance (Hannah Glover), Best Male Performance (Mark Anderson), Best Male Performances in a Supporting Role (Marc Pickering and Ashley Samuels), Best Costume Designer (Mike Lees) and Best Musical Production! The West End Frameawarded 4 stars, “..Director Benji Sperring has assembled an incredible group of performers who let themselves go and commit to the max” and describes the production as “two and a half hours of joyous insanity.”
The performance is set to run from April 22-May 21, 2016 at the Southwark Playhouse in London, UK. Tickets are 20 pounds in advance and 25 pounds at the gate. Tickets can be purchased here.
Troma Entertainment endorses and supports the toe-tapping headbanging musical in apromotion available here, on Troma Movies YouTube channel.
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