Bowling for Brilliance! You ARE in Kansas Anymore

19 Year Old Kansas Bowling, director of   B.C. Butcher

Featured by “W” Magazine as “Who’s Next” in the April 2016 Up and Comers Issue

Kansas Bowling, lover of Troma, Monkees and Retro, ushers in the avante-garde of cool, business savvy creatives from Gen Z
Troma has discovered many stars; James Gunn, Trey Parker and a constellation of others. Now 19 year old rising Troma filmmaker Kansas Bowling is among the young stars of the future featured  in the April 2016 issue of “W” Magazine, the nation’s largest and most highly recognized sartorial publications. “W” has focused their attention on Kansas Bowling as an exclusive member of the new guard   of up and coming geniuses from all creative genres, specifically concentrating on those that represent Gen Z.  Bowling, director of the recent Troma red-carpet release B.C. Butcher,  is among the highly-regarded talent featured in the editorial.
Kansas has been accurately portrayed as a sharp and savvy filmmaker with enough wit and foresight to fund her entire feature length film using means ranging from indie go-go to busing tables to getting low-budget producers to write a check, without every sacrificing her artistic intention to shoot B.C. Butcher on 16 mm film, states Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.
Other contenders of the Gen Z “Who’s Next” feature in “W” include model and daughter to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, singer and actress Zendaya and American actress Kerinan Shipka, most famously known for her role as Don Draper’s young daughter, Sally Draper in the wildly popular television success “Mad Men”.
It is believed that due to an error, Kansas Bowling’s picture was left off of this photo.

Bowling, whose film has been well received and was screened on March 3rd at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood as the inaugural event for American Cinematheque’s “Women Underground”, is already onto her next project and continues to work hard at promoting B.C. Butcher by attending conventions, organizing appearances and generating media coverage with interviews. “W” Magazine and Troma Entertainment surely did not miss the mark in identifying Ms. Bowling as a talented and beautiful young prodigy with a bright future. Lloyd Kaufman, Executive Producer of B.C. Butcher and an early supporter of Kansas Bowling has described her as, “The next James Gunn”, referring to the past member of the Troma Team who got his feet wet in filmmaking on Troma sets and directed Troma’s legendary Tromeo and Juliet, who as we know went on to achieve great accomplishments in movie magic with films like Guardian of the Galaxy.

B.C. Butcher is Kansas Bowling’s directorial debut, which she completed at age 17