A Pennsylvania Premiere of Honky Holocaust plus Surf Nazis Must Die! March 21st 7PM

Monday, March 21st, 2016 at 7:00 PM, Troma Entertainment will be hosting a double feature screening at Philadelphia punk-rock club Kung Fu Necktie. The event will showcase a new film by an emerging director alongside a classic movie from the Tromarchives. The two films offered this Monday will be Honky Holocaust,directed by Ungovernable Films director Paul McAlarney and Lloyd Kaufman’s Surf Nazis Must Die!
Honky Holocaust (2015) takes a strong and unabashed influence from a wide variety of classic exploitation films and filmmakers such as Sergio Leone, Lloyd Kaufman, Street Trash, Jack Hill, Rudy Ray Moore, Roger Corman, and of course Ruggero Deodato’s,Cannibal Holocaust.Honky Holocaust takes the audience back to the 1960s where Charles Manson was building an army to wait out the Helter-Skelter race war and emerge from the Manson Family Bunker to conquer the world when the dust cleared. In reality, of course, Charles Manson’s plans were foiled fortunately, but in, Honky Holocaust he sees them realized, and the film follows his daughter Kendra and the Manson Family out of the bunker and into the world above, 35 years after the murder of Sharon Tate. What Kendra Manson and her “Family Members” soon realize, however, is that their racist ideologies and prophecies were vastly inaccurate and toxic.
Honky Holocaust tackles racism in its infinite forms, directed by Paul McAlarney
Surf Nazis Must Die!, a Troma movie directed by Peter George in 1987, hangs ten Gestapo- style! The California beaches of the near future, devastated by an earthquake, are ruled by   ruthless gangs, and the gangs are ruled by the SURF NAZIS! Only one person is powerful enough, darling enough and brave enough to stop them… Leroy’s Mama! And as long as she’s alive- THE SURF NAZIS MUST DIE! Feel the roar of the monster waves! Experience the passion of perverted romance and know the evil of mankind’s greatest villians… taste the violent veneance. Surf Nazis Must Die! is the courageous saga of a mother’s undying devotion and quest for justice that brings on a tidal wave of action and destruction.
“Who rules the beaches?! Surfers!! Who rules the surfers?! SURF NAZIS!!”
In addition to the two movies, the grindhouse style Troma night at Kung-Fu Necktie will offer retro trailers and the uncensored version of Troma’s highly anticipated upcoming feature film release, Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2.
Admission is $8 in advance and seating is limited. Merchandise including Troma t-shirts, posters and DVD/Blu-Rays of Troma movies will be available to purchase.
The movies will be shown downstairs at:
Kung- Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street
Philadelphia, PA
Doors at 7 PM, Film Screening at 8 PM  For Advance tickets Click Here    For Facebook Event Page Click Here