TROMA ENTERTAINMENT, an American independent film production and distribution company, announced it will launch a new ON DEMAND destination that will be available to COMCAST customers beginning March 25. 

The new TROMA CHANNEL ON DEMAND will bring COMCAST customers notable characters such as Toxie, Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, Tromie the Nuclear Squirrel, the dancing chicken zombies and the hot Tromettes, as well as other stars of TROMA ENTERTAINMENT’s visionary and classic films.

“This is the ultimate video-on-demand destination for TROMA’s dedicated fan base and we are excited to bring COMCAST customers this great lineup of programming,” said Troma Head of Sales, Matt Manjourides.

Established in 1974 by Yale friends Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, TROMA ENTERTAINMENT is perhaps the longest running independent movie studio in United States’ history and one of the more well-known names in the industry. World famous for movie classics like Kaufman’s The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke’em High, Mother’s Day, and Tromeo and Juliet, Troma’s seminal films are now being remade as big budget mainstream productions by the likes of Brett Ratner, Richard Saperstein, Akiva Goldsman, and Steven Pink.  Among today’s stars whose early work can be found in Troma’s 800+ film library are Chuck Lorre, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Kevin Costner, Fergie, Vincent D’Onofrio, Samuel L. Jackson.