TROMA CELEBRATES Black History Month with World Premiere of “HONKY HOLOCAUST”

HONKY HOLOCAUST Directed by Paul M. McAlarney

Available Exclusively at Troma Now on VHX

This February, Troma Entertainment is celebrating Black History Month on their subscription video-on-demand service,   Troma Now.  The selection of films from the Tromarchives celebrate and feature African-American filmmakers, actors and soundtracks.  Honky Holocaust , Troma’s newest racially charged grindspoitation action-horror movie, is the February world premiere offered this month exclusively to subscribers of Troma Now, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of,  The Toxic Avenger .
Paul McAlarney’s Honky Holocaust  explores racism’s complex effects on society and the individual. Introducing characters from all perspectives of ideologies and attitudes toward race, Honky Holocaust insists ruthlessly and without censoring any detail that a single seed of bigotry can destroy any society from within.
Alex Edwards (left)Je-Kori Salmon (center) and Talli Clemons in
Honky Holocuast, photo by Dedric Beverly
Other titles streaming alongside Honky Holocaust on Troma Now for Black History Month this February include,  Def by Temptation, starring Kadim Hardison and featuring Samuel L Jackson’s first movie appearance, Ron Armstrong’s  Bugged, Backroad Diner, directed by Winston I. Dunlop II  and  Blackfist by  Timothy Galfas and Richard Kayes . These titles and many more exclusive selections are available to subscribers of Troma Now for $4.99 a month.