A Double-Feature Screening of Feartown, U.S.A. and Terror Firmer

Monday, February 15, 2016, 7:00 PM

Troma Entertainment will be hosting a double feature screening at Philadelphia punk-rock club Kung Fu Necktie.  The event will showcase a new film by an emerging director alongside a classic movie from the Tromarchives.  The two films offered this Monday will be  Feartown, U.S.A., directed by Brandon Bassham and Lloyd Kaufman’s Terror Firmer. 

Feartown, U.S.A.  (2014), a comedic camp-slasher movie that is a recent addition to the Troma catalogue, tells a story of four boys looking to lose their virginity, a girl haunted by a dark secret, a lonely teenager, and an escaped mental patient who all meet at a party in the woods. The plot unfolds in true party-horror tradition, where horny adolescent urges for fun and sex seal a terrible fate for the characters. Feartown, U.S.A. has been reviewed byHorrornews.net as, “puerile, deeply offensive and extremely funny”.  The film’s emerging director Brandon Bassham is a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and has recently directed a second feature length film also distributed by Troma Entertainment, The Slashening. Feartown, U.S.A.

Terror Firmer (1999), is Lloyd Kaufman’s avante-garde and surreal genre blending dark comedy that takes place on set of a fictional Troma film. Kaufman, who plays a blind director in the movie attempting to keep his film afloat despite the degenerate cast and crew, loosely based Terror Firmer on his published book, All I Needed to Know about Filmmaking I Learned from The Toxic Avenger. When a serial killer starts taking out the production team and actors on set, spilled guts and gags run riot. Mark Cummings of Film Topics described Terror Firmer as  “Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer’ meets ‘Living in Oblivion’ through the eyes of Frank Carpa.”
In addition to the two movies, the grindhouse style Troma night at Kung-Fu Necktie will offer retro trailers and the uncensored version of Troma’s highly anticipated upcoming feature film release, Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High AKA Volume 2.
Admission is $8 in advance and seating is limited. Merchandise including Troma t-shirts, posters and DVD/Blu-Rays of Troma movies will be available to purchase.
The movies will be shown upstairs at:
Kung- Fu Necktie
1248 North Front Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 291-4919
Doors at 7 PM, Film Screening at 8 PM