Troma’s Christmas Special Debuts Tonight at 8 PM!! “A Very Troma Christmas” Premieres on TromaMovies YouTube Channel


Toxie staris in “A Very Troma Christmas” premiering tonight on  Troma Movies YouTube Channel at 8 pm

Grinch, take a hike to Who-Ville!! Charlie Brown go make some Peanuts-Butter! This year Troma Entertainment presents a Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, holiday, Seasonal-Special that will delight men, women and children of all ages.  “A Very Troma Christmas” will drop this evening at 8 pm on the Troma Movies YouTube channel, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment, Inc. and creator of The Toxic Avenger. “A Very Troma Christmas” stars the Toxic Avenger playing Santa, and features the Tooth Fairy, Mother Teresa, Buddha, and Abraham Lincoln playing themselves.

The vivid and colorful cartoon, created by renowned animator Justin J. Bowen of JB Entertainingness melds exquisitely with Troma’s longstanding themes of social satire and artistic revolution through media disruption.
Renowned animator Justin J. Bowen is the talented creator of  “A Very Troma Christmas”