Troma Acquires Paul M McAlarney’s Honky Holocaust An Exploitation Flick with a Message!

Finally, Caucasians get a taste of their own segregation. Troma Entertainment has acquired HONKY HOLOCAUST, a film by Paul M McAlarney.  HONKY HOLOCAUST tackles today’s social and racial issues from a totally new perspective. Imagining a world where Charles Manson’s attempts at inciting a race war succeeded and the African-Americans won. The story follows Kendra Manson, descendant of the cult leader, as she and the rest of the cult emerge from their bunker after decades of solitude to find a world where white people are the oppressed race and African-Americans are the oppressors. 


Maria Natapov plays Kendra Manson, sweet-natured heroine of HONKY HOLOCAUST

This is the first feature film from director Paul M McAlarney, founder of the production company Ungovernable Films. The company’s name comes from the phrase “the ungovernable force” often used by the British anarcho-punk band Conflict, and that attitude is evident to anyone who watches HONKY HOLOCAUST. The cast & crew are all regulars of McAlarney’s work and they are certain to be staples of underground cinema in the years ahead.

HONKY HOLOCAUST has just recently been nominated for 3 Claw Awards at the Terror Film Festival and is rumored to be featured at a November 12th event at the Sydney Underground Film Festival. Troma couldn’t be happier to be in business with these daring and progressive filmmakers and look forward to releasing HONKY HOLOCAUST in early 2016!