Ophelia Rain to Appear at Troma Booth #426 at New York Comic Con

Super-star, self-proclaimed “gore-whore,” actress and porn star Ophelia Rain will be in attendance and signing autographs at the 2015 New York Comic Convention at Troma Entertainment’s Booth #426.

Rain has a featured role in Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2, and she also stars in the DVD of Troma’s upcoming Italian giallo, an homage to Dario Argento’s work, Sympany in Blood Red. Childhood dreams do come true. While in high school, Ms. Rain discovered Terror Firmer and Tromeo and Juliet, but when she brought them to school to show her friends, she wound up getting grounded. Years later, she has now become an honorary Super Tromette and good friends with Uncle Lloydie, legendary indie film maker, Lloyd Kaufman.