Stars and Fans Rally to #SaveNukeEmHigh

May 21, at 3pm (right on schedule), the Toxic Avenger and the Troma Team occupied the popular Union Square in New York. Hundreds of fans and onlookers gathered at the historical site under the rallying cry of “Save Nuke ‘Em High” to raise awareness of independent art and Troma Return to Nuke’Em High: Volume 2 Kickstarter campaign.

Asta Paredes and Catherine Corcoran joins Toxie to #SaveNukeEmHigh

Young talented actresses Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes, stars of Return to Nuke’Em High: Volume 1 and 2, and other cast members, joined the Toxie and the protesters at Union Square and took pictures with fans.

Clay von Carlowitz, Eugene in Return to Nuke ‘Em High: Volume 1 and 2, helps Toxie mop Union Square, NYC

At the rythm of drums Toxie danced  for the crowd and symbolically mopped the Evil Conglomerates to get Art back to the people. Troma fans showed their support waving homemade signs with the campaign hashtag: #SaveNukeEmHigh and sharing their own pictures on the social networks.

Troma fans and Independent Art supporters joined Toxie in his crusade to #SaveNukeEmHigh

For more info, please consult the Return to Nuke’Em High: Volume 2 KickStarter page