Troma Signs UCB Alumnus’ The Slashening and Fear Town, USA!

Troma Entertainment has recently acquired The Slashening and Fear Town, USA,  two underground slasher-comedies written and directed by Brandon Bassham, a sketch comedy writer at NYC’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. 


Both The Slashening and Fear Town, USA feature a ensemble cast of upcoming comedy talents whose credits include appearances on MTV, Comedy Central’s Broad City, and the celebrated comedy site Funny or Die, among others.

The Slashening: “Best friends Lucy, Eva, Ashley, Beth and Margot throw a slumber party…..BUT MURDER NEVER SLUMBERS!!!!! It’s a timeless tale of friendship, betrayal, madness, and the search for some decent dick.”
Fear Town, USA:“On St. Blevins Day (the most debauched of regional holidays), four boys looking to lose their virginity, a girl haunted by a dark secret, a lonely teenager, and an escaped mental patient all meet at a party in the woods. They were looking for fun but what they found… was FUCKING TERROR!” 

The Slashening will screen for the first time under the Troma label February 13th at Brooklyn’s Videology Bar & Cinema. The screening begins at 11:30pm and is free of charge.