New Troma Titles Available For Pre-Order!

Troma Entertainment is pleased to announce its March 2015 releases are now available for pre-order on Amazon. Kicking off the year is the definitive and fully restored Rabid Grannies Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. This release includes the never-before-seen Producer’s Cut of the film, as well as deleted scenes and other unique and Tromatic special features. This will mark the first time in its history that Rabid Grannies will be available in high-definition!

Troma is also releasing From Asia With Lust: Volume 1, a Japanese revenge saga starring celebrity adult film star Miyuki Yokoyama. In the tradition of Lady Vengeance and Last House on the Left, the vicious ‘Camp’ and cautionary ‘Hitch-Hike’ are “raw and pulpy” tales of survival and revenge.

For more information on Troma Entertainment and its upcoming releases, fans can visit www.troma.comTroma’s Facebook, and Lloyd Kaufman’s Twitter account.