¬†We are¬†reaching out to our friends with a personal message from Troma Entertainment. We have advanced to the second round of Intuit’s Small Business Big Game competition, which gives small businesses a chance at their very own Superbowl commercial! In the first round, we reached the top 25 out of thousands of businesses. Now that the second round is underway, our Small Business Big Game profile has been expanded to include the following subcategories: why do they love your business, what’s been your proudest moment, what’s your best advice, and what makes your business special. These subcategories contain valuable wisdom and knowledge accompanied by exclusive photos and an action-packed video with a sample of what you could see during the Superbowl.

Voting is easy! The vote buttons are on our main profile page and the bottom of each subcategory, which means a cumulative total of five votes per day per device (mobile phone, computer, tablet). Thank you to everyone who has voted, and don’t forget to support indie art by continuing to vote everyday at