Tromadance was inspired by Trey Parker (South Park) and founded by Lloyd Kaufman (creator of The Toxic Avenger and President of Troma Entertainment) in order to offer film makers an alternative to the Hollywood run film festivals like Sundance, which charges film makers high fees with no guarantee of acceptance, along with a strict VIP policy which makes attending a screening virtually impossible. In contrast it is completely FREE for film makers to submit films to Tromadance and all screenings have NO ADMISSION FEE or VIP policy. The Films shown at Tromadance come from around the world and represent the best in truly independent cinema. Tromadance is also a great venue to see world premiere films. Last year the 11th annual Tromadance held the North American premiere of HUMAN CENTIPEDE to a standing room only audience.

Tromadance also hosts a discussion panel featuring current independent film makers that have crossed into main stream films. Past guests include JAMES GUNN, JENNA FISCHER, ADAM RIFKIN and LARRY FESSENDEN,

Tromadance will be held in historic Asbury Park, New Jersey on April 22nd – 23rd. Screenings run Friday Night and all day Saturday. Tromadance also hosts its legendary closing night party at Asbury Lanes after screenings finish on Saturday.

Now it’s up to the fans and film makers to keep Tromadance and true independence alive through your donation at KICKSTARTER.