Placing an Order at TromaDirect

For a more comprehensive index of inquiries, please see the Official TromaDirect FAQ’s.

Q:   “How do I place an order at TromaDirect?”
Placing an order at TromaDirect is very easy. First select the section of the store where you wish to shop, be it Troma, Roan, EG Sports or TromaDance. From each section, you may continue to select various choices for DVDs, Blu-rays, Apparel, Books, etc.

If you know the name of the movie you are looking for you can enter it in the Search Field on the upper right hand side.

Once you have located the item you wish to buy, simply click Add To Cart. You can continue shopping, or you can click on your Cart to change the quantity of the items you ordered. Once you have placed all the items you wish to purchase, click the checkout button to begin completing the order process. You will need not to be a registered user of the TromaDirect to complete an order. We ask for certain information when registering for TromaDirect in case we need to contact you by email or phone in case of a problem with your order, and to send you a tracking number once the ordered has been processed and shipped. Any incorrect information may delay our getting your order to you in a timely fashion, so please enter all contact information accurately. Troma Entertainment has never and will never sell your personal information to anyone.

When you get to the Check Out page fill out the form there. It is here where the total amount for your order will be displayed. Its always a good idea to print out this form before submitting it to us. Be sure to hit the “submit your order” button after you have made your payment to insure your order is received in our store.

Q: How much are the shipping charges on an order?
A:   Shipping in the United States: $7.00 for first item; $1.50 for each additional item. NY State residents are charged 8.875% sales tax on items and shipping fees.

International: Varies based on country. Shipping prices and delivery times may vary when shipping to cities outside the continental US.

It should be noted that in the case of video and DVD sets, these items are NOT considered one unit. If you order a set that includes three videos, you will be charged shipping on three items. If you have ever ordered a set, you will see, the items are packaged separately and not sold like a “box set”.

Q: How long does it take for an order to be shipped?
A: Troma ships most orders between 2 or 3 working days after receiving them, unless an item is out of stock. To find out whether an item you ordered is in stock, please contact Customer Service. Shipping prices and delivery times may vary when shipping to cities outside the continental US.