Getting Your Local Video Store to Stock Troma Videos

Q: How do I get my local video store to carry Troma movies?
A:   Getting you local video rental outfit to carry Troma movies is very much like getting your local theater to show our films.  Contact the store, tell them about our website if they more information.  Tell them what fine quality Troma movies are and how they are popular the world over. If the stores proprietor are wise, they will create a Troma section.

Release Dates for Our DVD

Q: When will (enter movie title here) be released on video/DVD?
A:   All new releases for DVD are featured in the New Release section of the Troma Studio Store and the Movies section of  In some cases advance notice by as much as month or more will be given to some titles.  In many cases one could order a movie before it is released to ensure that they will be the first on the block to be the proud owner of the latest Troma presentation.