Getting Lloyd to Come to Your Town

Q: How do I get Lloyd Kaufman to visit my town so I can shake the hand of the man who put the fun in dysfunctional?
A:  One would think being President and Founder of a movie studio means long days sitting behind a desk, wheeling and dealing on the phone, keeping the pillows on the casting couch fluffed all the while being served by a gaggle of yes men.  Well, in truth, it is that, yet somehow Troma President Lloyd Kaufman finds time to hit the road in order to promote his book “All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From the Toxic Avenger”, “Direct Your Own Damn Movie”, “Produce Your Own Damn Movie”.  One should check Where’s Lloydo to see if and when he will be making a stop near you.  If there is a theater, book store, video store, college or women’s penitentiary that you think would welcome a visit from Lloyd, Toxie, Sgt Kabukiman, and the rest of the Wonderful World of Troma characters, you should do the same thing as when trying to get a theater to show a Troma movie.  Contact the venue, convince them that Lloyd is one of pop cultures must beloved icons (he is, you know) and his presence will certainly attract a decent number of fans who are desperately searching for ways to spend money.