• Color
  • 1975
  • 83 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Ronald Sullivan
Starring Robyn Hilton  Sandy Dempsey  Cheryl Smith

Welcome to the sexiest network television you will ever turn on! Get ready to laugh your pants off! A network TV executive decides to teach the Puritanical power elite who control our society’s media a lesson it will never forget – by producing an unbelievably erotic awards show that you will never forget. VIDEO VIXENS gives you a hilarious and sensuous look at casting, directing, and producing erotic programs.  Through a series of lust-filled film clips, explore a world never before seen on television…certainly the “hottest” program ever! Even the commercials throb with sex, sex, sex! If you like to laugh while you make love or make love while you laugh, then turn on VIDEO VIXENS!  If you liked the sex action of BOOGIE NIGHTS you’ll love this sexy 70’s classic which played for months in theatres on New York City’s famous 42nd Street.  It’s all the action without switching the channels!!!