• Color
  • 1990
  • 90 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by David Heavener
Starring David Heavener, Erik Estrada, Jim Brown, Shannon Tweed, Karen Black

In this action-packed, sci-fi adventure, the cops have big hair and no guns while the criminals control the streets! Anarchy reigns supreme with a crazed serial killer on the loose. Armed with mere tranquilizers, the police are powerless to stop this murdered. Tucker (David Heavener) is one cop who isn’t going to take it anymore. Destined to bring explosions and violence back to the side of the good guys, he intends to bring down this killer, while hdiing his arsenal from his captain, fellow officers and the seductive and erotic Hinkle. Twisted Justice features an amazing cast, including Erik (CHiPs) Estrada, Jim (The Dirty Dozen) Brown, Shannon (The Rowdy Girls) Tweed and Karen (Nashville) Black.