The Wounded

  • Color
  • 2003
  • 85 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by John Azpilicueta
Starring Andrew Johnston, Lombardo Boyar and Sam Rotibi

When a group of rival gangstas are locked up in the same cell block, chaos and brutality erupt.  Prison counselor and martial arts master, Nick Takalano, is committed to saving them from a life of crime, gangs, and violent sex.  Eventually the prisoners are put to the ultimate test when their prison bus is hijacked.  Finding themselves in an area where racism rules, they are forced to fight for survival in an all out gang war against an inner city, blood-crazed, devil-worshipping cult.  Lombardo Boyar (The Bernie Mac Show), Andrew Johnston (The X-files), and Sammy Rotibi (Tears of the Sun) round out the intense, urban cast in this bullet ridden tale of brotherhood and redemption.  The blazing hip hop soundtrack featuring the music of Aztlan Underground, DJ Chemek, and HIt Squad enhances the action and adds to the explosive cinematic masterpiece.  The Wounded shows a world where lives are imprisoned by fear and violence, but souls are liberated by larger than life heroes!  The Wounded will bleed all over you!!