• Color
  • 2004
  • 90 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Gabriel Friedman Chad Ferrin Dave Paiko Brian Spitz Lloyd Kaufman
Starring Lloyd Kaufman, James Gunn and Elizabeth Johnson

Welcome to Tales From the Crapper, an epic of biblical proportions and questionable taste. Boasting the greatest cast and largest breasts ever assembled in Troma’s thirty year history, Tales From the Crapper will cause you to lock your door, look under your bed and pray for daylight. Tales from the Crapper is the inaugural film in Troma Entertainment and Lloyd von Kaufman’s acclaimed Dogpile 95 Doctrine of Digital Filmmaking, and is destined to be part of all the critic’s must see lists this year.
Filmed on three continents, over a three year period, with six directors, fifteen writer and a cast of hundreds, Tales from the Crapper adds up to pure en-TROMA-tainment! Hosted by everyone’s favorite harbinger of the horrible, The Crapkeeper, Tales from the Crapper boasts not one but TWO films in one extraordinary digital feature! Twice the monsters! Twice the fat guys! And twice the boobies! Tired of searching for the perfect blend of highbrow entertainment, kung-fu action, alien adventure and hot vampire lesbian sex? Well, look no further, because Tales from the Crapper is the perfect combination of those things!