• Color
  • 2000
  • 70 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by John Michael McCarthy
Starring Kerine Elkins, Gina Velour and Michèle Carr

Superstarlet A.D. is a unique erotic Beauty Cult. Leader, Brunette Naomi, has one quest in life – to find her grandmother’s ancestral burlesque film. But can she and her lover Rachel accomplish this when the platinum blond PHAYRAYS, ruthless brunette SATANAS, and ill-tempered TEMPESTS are hot on their trail? Can Naomi and Rachel’s forbidden love exist in a post-apocalypstick world? Will Naomi ever find her true identity within the abandoned buildings of Femphis? Will the gynos be able to uphold the number one rule of Superstarlet A.D. – “Thou shalt not kill another woman”?
Superstarlet A.D. combines the erotic nature of Showgirls and the musical style of Moulin Rouge with the futuristic action of Tank Girl and Troma’s War!
Apocalypse Meow!