• Color
  • 1993
  • 75 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by George F. Ormrod
Starring William Darkow, Ramona Provost, Hugh Crawford

The Troma Team proudly presents a sci-fi movie so unusual that it is destined to become a science-fiction classic (or at least – unforgettably goofy), SPACE ZOMBIE BINGO!
The earth is in grave danger when a gang of flesh-eating zombies from outer space take on menacing military macho men. The future of the world rests solely on the shoulders of the Zombie Defense Corps and their incredulous leader, Major Kent Bendover. Will Major Bendover and his moronic kitchen utensil-bearing troops have what it takes to battle these horrifying space invaders, or will the entire universe crumble to become a SPACE ZOMBIE BINGO!?!?
Harken back to the seriously silly space invader threats of the past. Witness bizarre, steamy zombie-earthling love interaction of the future. Enjoy a close encounter of the inexpensive kind. Experience Troma’s campy free-for-all, SPACE ZOMBIE BINGO.