• Color
  • 1969
  • 83 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Joseph Adler
Starring Ross Harris, Eugenie Wingate, Chris Martell

A renowned abstract painter hides a deep, dark secret! If he happens to get you alone, our only advice to you is…SCREAM BABY SCREAM!
A beautiful young woman falls in love with the famous artist and volunteers to be one of his models. Soon, the woman disappears and her jilted, jealous boyfriend goes to the artist’s “nightmare house” to find his lover. Instead he uncovers the deranged artist and his blood crazed assistants performing bizarre and cruel experiments on human subjects. This artist is no surrealist! He’s a psychotic photo-realist illustrator who will stop at nothing to get the unique models he needs for his “art”!
See the most gruesome and graphic techniques of reconstructive cosmetic surgery and ingenious genetic mutations run amok! SCREAM BABY SCREAM paints a horrifying picture which is guaranteed to be your ultimate nightmare!