• Color
  • 2000
  • 90 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Steve Nevus
Starring Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, Deanna Brooks, Laslo Varga, Daniel Henry Murray, Todd Eckert, Mink Stole

Velvet (Shannon Tweed – Detroit Rock City, Indecent Behavior, Troma’s Twisted Justice), the rebellious lady of the night with a dangerous secret, and Sara (Playboy Playmate Deanna Brooks), a trophy bride who refuses to marry, are on the road to liberation in the frontier town of San Francisco. They find that they must fight their way to freedom when a group of outlaws, led by Poke (Daniel Murray), and the feistiest femme fatale of them all, whip-wielding Mick (Julie Strain – Heavy Metal FAKK 2, Lingerie Kickboxer, Return to Savage Beach, Troma’s Witchcraft IV), kidnap them. A virtuous sheriff (Lazio Vargas) follows the trail of blood their odyssey leaves, eventually becoming the women’s greatest ally.  The Rowdy Girls combines exotic locations, spectacular action and sterling production values to create a new take on the Hollywood Western. Come ride with The Rowdy Girls – a gun-blazin’, straight shootin’ raucous ride through the Wild West!