• Color
  • 1996
  • 90 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Lee Bennet Sobel
Starring Stephen Blackeheart, Paul Stevenson, Margaret Lancaster, Valentine Miele

The Troma Team is proud to present a movie where the tunes are hot, the chicks are sweet, and one hellcat cool-daddy bloodsucker is flashing his fangs, rocking the big city, and lovin’ every minute of it! ROCKABILLY VAMPIRE is a scary, sexy romp with rock-and-roll soul. Come on and shake a leg with the living dead! Luscious Iris M. Daugherty (Margaret Lancaster) is a 50’s obsessed investigative author out to prove that Elvis Presley is still alive. While conducting research, she runs across a dead ringer for the King (Paul Stevenson) who’d like to make her his Queen of the Damned. Tarnation! Seems the pompadour bohunk was bitten by his vampire brother on the way to the Elvis look-alike contest back in 1956. Four decades later, he’s loose in Manhattan and looking for a wild time. Will Iris succeed to this surly, swingin’ Nosferatu! Only one way to find out. Sink your teeth into Rockabilly Vampire, the horror groove-party that just might live forever.