• Color
  • 1971
  • 87 MIN
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Albert T. Viola
Starring Ilene Kirsten, Adam Hesse, Marian Brown, Esty F. Davis Jr., W. Henry Smith, Amos Huxley as the Preacherman

Meet the PREACHERMAN – his silver tongue manipulates much more than the masses and his preaching fills his pockets with gold. Farmer’s daughters beware! When PREACHERMAN hears confessions of sexual sins, it raises more than just his spiritual awareness! He’s the man of the cloth who performs miracles between the sheets. He preaches a gospel of deception to gain young girl’s reception.
Director Albert T. Viola fills the screen with high-speed action and tantalizing temptations in a movie ripped straight from today’s headlines. Amos Huxley stars as the PREACHERMAN and creates an unforgettable rake who really knows how to shovel in the laughs. When a guileless (but not girl-less) farmer opens his home to the crafty PREACHERMAN it seems salvation is at hand! PREACHERMAN lays hands on the hard bodied, promiscuous daughter and the corn whiskey still. Temptation is too great, and before long the PREACHERMAN has once again left the pulpit for the bedroom!

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