• Color
  • 1987
  • 85 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Ray Hirschman
Starring Patrick Molloy

The Troma Team is proud to present the blood curdling horror epic PLUTONIUM BABY from the master of terror Ray Hirschman.  In the tradition of THE TOXIC AVENGER  comes a film more frighteningly morbid and macabre than anything before or since its release.  The maniacal Dr. Drake and his depraved team of scientists have been performing grotesque and illegal experiments involving plutonium’s effects on pregnant women.  The day Danny was born, Dr. Drake and his minions go too far in their experiments and kill Danny’s mother. Miraculously Danny is saved while the callous doctors bury Emily’s broken body in a toxic waste container far below the earth’s surface. Twelve years have passed and suddenly Danny’s nightmare is relived when Drake resurfaces to finish the job, to stalk and kill Danny, the only remaining evidence of his crimes.  When the doctor moves in for the kill, a hideously deformed and mutated Emily awakens inside the earth’s core and returns to rescue Danny, her plutonium baby.  A post-apocalyptic phantasm of rotting flesh and radioactive monstrosities, PLUTONIUM BABY is a frightening chiller that will gnaw at your intestines, burrowing like a rabid rat.  With special effects rivaling that of Army of Darkness, PLUTONIUM BABY is the ultimate experience in suspense driven shocker cinema, setting the standard for the new millennia.