• Color
  • 2004
  • 81 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Patrick Gillies
Starring David Sheard, Janice Gray, Richard Allom Cosgrove

In the tradition of Pulp Fiction and Snatch, Offensive Behavior is a twisted schlock-shock-splatter comedy with multiple storylines that converge in a gut-churning, corpse shagging, kick-arse Hare Krishna-massacring climax!  Quentin (Richard Allom Cosgrove) is a destitute filmmaker who resorts to making home made pornos to achieve his celluloid dreams. Nigel (David Sheard) is a sweet and sensitive hairdresser, reluctantly lured by his mafia hitwoman Mother (Janice Gray) to take over the family business.  Can Quentin convince his recently unemployed girlfriend Debbie (Yvonne Dyson) to co-star in his upcoming pornographic masterpiece with his best mate, Clarke (Fraser Jackson)?  And can Nigel complete the job with his sanity intact, or will he finally snap – becoming the psychopath his mother always dreamed he’d be?  Shot on a shoe-string and over five years in the making, Offensive Behavior is guaranteed to shock, titillate, tantalize and confound you! It’s the most hilarious film to emerge from New Zealand since Peter Jackson’s Braindead!