• Color
  • 1968
  • 86 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Giorgio Gentili
Starring Dustin Hoffman, Elsa Martinelli, Cesar Romero

See two-time Academy Award® winner Dustin Hoffman in his first and most unusual starring role, produced two years before his star-making turn in Mike Nichols’ The Graduate.  Co-starring legendary actors Cesar Romero, George Raft and Elsa Martinelli, Madigan’s Millions is a laugh-out-loud caper!  When deported gangster Mike Madigan (Romero) dies in exile in Italy, the U.S. Treasury is particularly interested in the million dollars he owed in back taxes.  This is when Jason Fister (Hoffman), the CIA’s most bumbling and idiotic agent, is sent to find the money.  Will Jason be able to find the stash and show his fellow agents he has what it takes, or will be fail and continue to be the laughing stock of the CIA? For non-stop laughs and priceless thrills, you can’t afford to miss out on Madigan’s Millions!