• Color
  • 1974
  • 90 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Will Zens
Starring Don Jones, Sherry Robinson, Charles Elledge, Tonia Bryan, Jeff MacKay

If you crave fast-paced thrills and gut-busting laughs, you’re ready for a HOT SUMMER IN BAREFOOT COUNTY.  When the temperature rises, everybody in the county gets down! Grab a friend and head over the county line for the loudest, the rowdiest and the hottest summer ever!  Welcome to Barefoot County, where the best kind of swimmin’ is with bow-legged women. Barefoot County, where the men and men and the women are satisfied.  Jeff Wilson is a handsome undercover agent sent to Barefoot County to uncover and defuse the burgeoning moon-shining business that’s giving the local sheriff a royal pain in the neck.  What Agent Wilson finds is a town full of voluptuous women who make him an offer he can’t refuse. Life is simple in Barefoot County.  All you gotta do is follow two little rules: Love thy neighbor, and do onto others. HOT SUMMER IN BAREFOOT COUNTY.  The fastest, funniest and most thrill-filled movie you’ve ever seen!