• Color
  • 1989
  • 90 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Eric Louzil
Starring Gene LeBrock, Kellee Bradley, David Crane

Troma’s explosive anthem to sex, violence and action is Fortress of Amerikkka, directed by action-sex-and-violence master Eric (Class of Nuke ’Em High Parts II and III) Louzil.  In a story ripped from today’s headlines, America has become a land where the brave must fight to be free.  A secret band of militant mercenaries are terrorizing the entire nation.  They are the Fortress of Amerikka, a brutal, defiant tool of the conspiracy of labor, corporate and bureaucratic elites, set on a deadly coures to destroy the basic tenets of American life. From their base in Troma City, California, this group of crazed mercs shoot and blow up thousands of innocent people as they strive to destroy democracy.  Gene LeBrock and Kellee Bradley star as innocent young lovers who become new American heroes, who must destroy the Fortress of Amerikka!