• Color
  • 1998
  • 120 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Warren F. Disbrow
Starring Pancho Russel, David Doyle Saltz, Gary Beadle, Frances Lima, John Bushnell

Team Troma is proud to release this double feature of chills and thrills from independent filmmaker Warren F. Disbrow.  Flesh Eaters from Outer Space: Something strange is afoot in the suburbs of New Jersey!  Carnivorous entities from out of this world have invaded the Garden State, seeking out the tastiest dish in the entire universe: human flesh!  Now only a gang of burnt-out metal heads and one sexy psychic starlet can stand up to the alien invaders devious plans of world domination and human consumption!  But can anyone stop the bloody wealth of Flesh Eaters from Outer Space?

Invasion for Flesh and Blood: A soccer mom is turned into a cyborg alien killing machine on the hunt for extraterrestrials hell-bent on destroying the human race.  With a trusty teenage Metalhead at her side, the fate of the world is held in the balance, as sexual tension oozes from the once-human, now soulless, creature killer.  Featuring an appearance by Marilyn Ghigliotti of Clerks.