• Color
  • 1990
  • 88 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Jeff Hathcock
Starring Bo Hopkins, Mark Blanchard, Shelia Caan, Douglas Dunning

The Troma Team is proud to present the thrilling story of a Bombshell from Brooklyn on a cross country ride to Hell! Singled out and seduced by the maniacal minions of Satan himself, she is taken to the fiery pits of Bezzlebub’s lascivious lair.  And there, from the bowels of Hell, comes the bloodcurdling command: “FERTILIZE THE BLASPHEMING BOMBSHELL!”  Never has the sanctity of human life been so blatantly mocked!  See the breathtaking Bombshell be brutally betrayed and besmirched by the baddies behind a twisted satanic cult!  The Bombshell is the chosen one, hand picked to bear Satan’s child, and these demented disciples of the Devil are solemnly sworn to fertilize her!  Will this sweet, street-wise Brooklyn beauty battle the brethren from Hell?  Or will they FERTILIZE THE BLASPHEMING BOMBSHELL!?