• Color
  • 1993
  • 96 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by David Heavener
Starring David Heavener, Martin Landau, Sally Kirkland

Welcome to Harmony USA. A town forced to march to the beat of a tyrannical drummer, filled with ruthless outlaws and governed by the most heinous politician since Mussolini (Academy Award® Winner Martin Landau). With election day nowhere in sight, it look like the town is stuck with at least four more years of lies, murder and sadistic perversion. Then, in the dead of the night, in rambles one man who could make a difference. Like Clint Eastwood before him, the stranger is a man with no name whose only passion is lawless vengeance. Helping the good, crushing the bad and taking pity on the ugly, the Stranger sees all and rights the wrong. Eye of the Stranger was written, produced and directed by action superstar David Heavener, who also stars as The Stranger. Along with Heavener and Landau, the film stars Oscar® nominee Sally Kirkland, Golden Globe® winner Stella Stevens and Don Swayze.