Eating Miss Campbell(HD)

  • Color
  • 2022
  • 84 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Liam Regan
Starring Laurence R. Harvey, Lyndsey Craine, Vito Trigo and Lloyd Kaufman 

Vegan-goth high school student Beth Conner’s life takes a turn for the bizarre, when she finds her life mimicking a 90s cliche-laden horror film that only she can see. When she falls into a taboo relationship with her new English teacher, Miss Campbell and soon develops a problematic taste for human flesh, Beth decides to end it all with the help of a loaded handgun… but where to find one?
Once the patriarchal school board of her high school auctions the rights to live stream the inaugural “All You Can Eat Massacre” contest (where the winner is awarded a loaded handgun). Beth finally finds a way to escape horror movies once and for all.  But first, Beth must find a way to win the contest, save her high school from a mass tragedy and suppress her increasing appetite for flesh.

"Almost every taboo is broken, no gag is too risqué to pull..." - Martin Unsworth, Starburst Magazine

“Troma fans rejoice: Eating Miss Campbell is the subversive studio at its titillating, taboo, trashy best… and it’s a total blast.” - S Michael Simms, Morbidly Beautiful

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