• Color
  • 1996
  • 96 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Christopher Romero
Starring Jeffrey Combs, Schnele Wilson, Blake Bahner, Annie Haslett

In an age when everyone has access to a computer, the computers have access to everyone.

It’s high speed terror on the informational superhighway as police detectives Meg Jordan (Schnele Wilson) and Victor Salinas (Blake Bahner of “General Hospital”) are hot on the trail of a deadly cyber stalker who is murdering victims through the internet. As the body count rises, the detectives search feverishly for the dangerous hacker. With the help of computer enthusiast Newman (Annie Haslett), they discover the stalker is killing in homage to the popular punk comic Cyber Thoughts.
Hoping to net the answers, the detecting duo pay a visit to Andy Coberman (the incomparable Jeffrey Combs of Re-Animator and The Frighteners), the author of the comic, who more than a bit uncooperative, his behavior leaving them suspicious and drawing them ever closer to the answers they are searching for, leading them further down the rabbit hole into a gruesome showdown that will leave your senses reeling!