• Color
  • 1991
  • 90 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Robert Rundle
Starring Lonnie Schuyler, Jeff Jenkins, Christina Peralta

The year is 2010. Governments have fallen, the world economy has collapsed, violence and anarchy reign. The power is in the hands of the military, but they have lost control. Their cyborg assassination squads have turned against them and gone outlaw, and under the command of Colonel Peck, they wage an all-out terrorist war on all political and military officials. Police officer Brent McCord and his partner Jim Weaver investigate the cyborg murder of an important senator and his stripper girlfriend. But when all evidence begins to point at the two detectives, they are ordered off the case, their resolve to solve the assassination strengthened. When Weaver gets iced by the cyborgs, McCord goes ballistic, determined to see microchips and green goo fly, until he learns the horrible truth about his own past. Not sense The Terminator or Total Recall have cops pitched such an intense battle with cyborgs, in an underworld fight to save us all from the wonders of technology.