• Color
  • 1998
  • 91 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by Andy Fisher
Starring Joseph Langham, Robert Madden, Scott McKinstry

A loverlorn tanning salon employee, a homey grandma and her bad-ass biker tenant, a lame gang, a nosediving intellectual, and a dis-uniting father and son.  Connect 5 is the chance for these absurdly real people to risk it all.  These five stories are bound together by a roving evil man, who “pushes” them out of the rut of life. Charity, the tanning salon chick, dumps her boyfriend for the tender affection of a ten-year-old.  The lame gang battles fist to fist with the legions of Satan.  Norma hires a young stud biker to be the “man of her house.”  Frank and Frank take a ride down memory lane that ends in a 50 car emotional pile-up.  Capslock recircuits his computer network to locate a girl obsessed with her vagina.  And the evil man himself?  He wanted a van.  A big black rapist van.  With no windows.  Like a big fat hammerhead shark.  This would be Satan’s van.  An evil van… for an evil man.  But all he got was a mauve Geo prism with primer…

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