• Color
  • 1995
  • 90 min
  • Dolby Digital Sound

Directed by George Merriweather
Starring Michael McGaham, Elizabeth Key, Richard Neil

A scarf, a chainsaw, and a mysterious blonde are the only clues to a growing number of stiffs (and not all of them are dead bodies!) Who can the police turn to? Harry Bates, of course, the smartest officer on the force. TOO BAD HARRY CAN’T OUTWIT A HOUSEPLANT! Lucky for him he has his trusted partner Dick Smoker (Richard Neil – The Young and the Restless, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and his faithful dog (who seems to be a guy in a dog suit) to help him solve the case. The only suspects are a pair of beautiful sisters, Montana (Miss California Elizabeth Key – Mr. Payback, Matt Houston) and Dakota (Gloria Lusiak – Power Rangers, Tales from the Crypt). When the trigger happy Harry gets romantically involved with the twin half step-sisters will he lose more than his cool? Inspired lunacy ensues as BLONDES HAVE MORE GUNS parodies the likes of PULP FICTION and INDECENT PROPOSAL with razor… er… chainsaw sharp wit!